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As you know... I have been drawing a lot of Green Lantern: The Animated Series fanart lately. TuT It's the most glorious animated series I ever had the pleasure of watching! I didn't really like the style at first, really wide shoulders coz Bruce Tim did that and it's in 3D. (But I do love Batman: The Animated Series. Those male torsos are darn big!) It didn't really matter to me soon after the first episode because of how well the story is told and how everything was animated and rendered. It's written like a novel as it has wonderful continuity from one episode to the next.

The first arc takes us to outer space, to the Forgotten zone. The first 13 episodes is all about the plight with the Red Lanterns.
We get Hal Jordan. Yes, many of us know your view of him due to the portrayal in the movie and the comics. Don't judge it just yet! This portrayal will make you adore him. Kilowog is just so awesome. As usual, they get into so much trouble with the Guardians. We now meet new characters outside of the current DC comics universe. Meet Aya, the A.I. Nav.Com. of the Interceptor, the fastest vessel in the known universe. She started out as just a ship and program in the comics, but here, she's a valued crew member. They then captured Razer, aka SPACE ZUKO! actually, he let himself get captured so that he could die~ Hal made him a crew member. He needs to redeem himself for doing such horrific acts. It's a makeshift family. We, the fanterns, lovingly call them Papa Hal, Kilodad, Rage-bunny, and...well, Aya(Aya bb/babbu/baby/etc.). Razaya♥ We ship this OTP to the bone!
Later, we get Saint Walker and Mogo. You should watch them as they dished out badassness upon the fleet of Atrocitus, the leader of the Red Lanterns.

The story serves as an exciting superhero show and a mirror. The fans get entertainment from so much action and dissecting the episodes to its core moral value. Many like playing psychologists. Who knew that so many people would be so emotionally invested in a "kids show". BUT IT"S NOT JUST A KIDS' SHOW!!! The GLTAS crew went above and beyond what was asked of them, and we LOVE them for it. Ceiling Giancarlo♥ and the cast and crew are very involved with the fans within Tumblr and Twitter. It's crazy fun!

We are now on the second arc. They have made peace with the Red Lanterns, but now we get an even bigger problem. The Anti-monitor and the Man Hunters! + GL Sinestro gets to be in one. *u* These past 7 SEVEN!!! episodes have been so jam-packed with all the awesomeness and emotions. Every episode just blew us away(includes battle explosions and some deaths)! The character development in the first arc is great, but this... So much sensitivity and realism~ It's gut-wrenchingly gooooooood. So much so that many fanterns wailed a sickening lot on tumblr. I worry about them. TuT Even the secondary and minor characters got character development. Beautifully done. Beautifully done~♥ It seems like no one is allowed to be flat in this series.

Six more episodes left... We don't know what's going to happen, and honestly, the episode titles scare us. >_> I suggest you start from the very begging so you would understand this madness. Such awesome plot twists!
This show has so much potential. I want more of it. Seeing how well they have written this season, I would really pray for another. It's irritating! Unless it gets more viewership, Cartoon Network is going to discontinue it along with Young Justice: Invasion. They are going to replace it with Teen Titans Go and Beware the Batman. I understand that other shows should be given a chance and all that, but WHY? Why don't the CN execs just cut out the crappy mind numbing shows? ;A; Although the kids like those shows, they admit that it's terribly stupid. Kids today are really smart and are capable of more emotionally sensitive shows... like GLTAS. Besides, kids need a lot more bonding time with their older siblings and parents now more than ever.

Go watch it. You might even regret not knowing about it sooner. I'm actually lucky to have stumbled upon this awesome show. They don't air it in the Philippines. Not sure if it's a "not yet", but Motor City and Sym-Bionic Titan (which people say are also awesome shows) never aired here. If you like it, share it to your friends. Heck, to your family. Many have been watching GLTAS with their PARENTS! >_> So many manly tears... of joy, of sadness, of pain~
You can help us save these shows by doing what is instructed here>… We got less than 2 months to raise the capital credibility of this show.  Twitter, facebook, tumblr! Wherever you could spread it, spread it like wildfire!!!
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